RCM Strategies Designed for Organizations at any Level of the Maintenance Maturity Scale

Reliability Centered Maintenance, often known as RCM, is an industrial improvement approach, focused on identifying and establishing the operational, maintenance and capital improvement strategies that will manage the risks of equipment failure most effectively.

TRM knows that our clients have invested in Maximo to ensure that they can track, manage and perform work on their assets in the most efficient manner possible, and increase the life and reliability of their assets.  As organizations grow in their level of maintenance maturity from reactive to calendar-based preventative, to predictive and even economic-risk based, many look for formal RCM and reliability solutions.

TRM can help design, develop and support integrated maintenance management processes, requirements and technology

TRM has several senior industry expert consultants on board and have partnered with leading maintenance engineers, who have guided RCM programs and the implementation of Maximo to support those programs in the Federal Government, Aerospace, Manufacturing and Energy and Utilities industries.