Learning delivered exactly how clients need it

Along with business process improvement recommendations, and technology and infrastructure design, TRM recognizes that effective change management, detailed technical documentation, and well-executed training programs are vital to the success of any software upgrade or implementation project. We understand that well thought-out and implemented change management and training lowers the overall risk of the project, and increases the return on your investment.

TRM instructors and course designers can help you build a training program specific to your business requirements. We offer clients both customized and pre-packaged training solutions ranging from:

  • Strategic management workshops
  • Delta training: overviews of the new functionality in the new versions of Maximo
  • Training your in-house system administrators and application developers before, during and after the project
  • Online and elearning development
  • End-user training:
    • Maximo Fundamentals
    • Maximo System Administration
    • BIRT Reporting
    • Application Designer
    • Smart Cloud Control Desk
  • Subject Matter Expert and “train-the-trainer” courses
  • Custom on-site or public courses for TRM RulesManager SE™

Our Training Philosophy

Our goal is to facilitate swift understanding, acceptance and adoption from end-users. We also view training as a critical part of the change management program of any implementation. Training conveys that:

  • The technology changes are important to the business and higher-level management is dedicated to its success
  • Management understands the importance of the end-user to the success of the project and has invested in the end-user.
  • These tools allow end-users to get the job done faster, easier and better.

Don’t miss TRM’s latest training innovation – MaxAssist – a complete embedded tutorial for new and casual users.

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