TRM consultants know that when Maximo is configured correctly, it can deliver better (more management details, logically connected, and with relevant details needed to conduct asset management analysis) information than you can get from even financial systems.

TRM can quickly develop or re-implement logical and easy-to-use asset hierarchies for business managers, maintenance and reliability engineers, planners, trades, operators and other technical resources.

TRM consultants will first help your organization define an asset. Things to consider would include: location, criticality, life cycle tracking, cost, repair/maintenance plan, spare parts, vendor involvement.

TRM’s Asset Hierarchy Philosophy

  • Consistent with asset lifecycle management principles
  • Supports cost roll-up requirements
  • Sets up risk basis for assets
  • Supports engineering for new or modification of assets
  • Enables logical maintenance practices for PM, PdM, Condition Based or Reliability Centered Maintenance
  • Supports resource utilization analysis for continuous process improvement

We have years of experience developing these hierarchies in the most asset-intensive organizations and can help you configure Maximo to support your organizations assets and reporting needs.