Connecting IBM Maximo with Enterprise Applications

Every Maximo system will need to connect to other enterprise applications to complete the information feedback loop required by decision makers. This includes integrations with accounting and ERP systems like PeopleSoft, Oracle, SAP, JD Edwards, etc. and interfacing with legacy mainframe systems.

With TRM’s vast experience deploying Maximo, there are virtually no Maximo interfaces that TRM has not done at one time or another. Since Maximo 5, we have written an interface into or out of just about every Maximo application/module, using almost every conceivable method.

Some of the interfaces we completed for a variety of Maximo projects are:

  • SAP – COTS ERP System
  • CostPoint – Deltek COTS Financial System
  • Advantage – CGI/AMS SLG COTS ERP
  • Momentum – CGI/AMS Federal COTS ERP
  • CEFMS – Corp of Engineers GOTS (Government Off-the-Shelf) Financial Management System
  • DWAS -Navy GOTS Financial System
  • IFS – Army GOTS Integrated Facilities Management System
  • DMLSS – DOD GOTS Hospital Work Order System
  • Eprojects and Econtracts – Navy GOTS Construction Project Management Systems
  • SLDCADA – DOD GOTS Labor Cost Accounting System
  • Primavera – COTS Project Management System
  • Oracle Financials – COTS ERP System
  • Oracle Files – COTS Electronic Document Management System
  • ArcIMS – ESRI COTS GIS System
  • R3 – Navy GOTS Regional Requirements Readiness (R3) Reporting System
  • MAXIMO Fleet – MRO Software COTS Vehicle CMMS
  • Syclo/MAXIMO Mobile Manager (MMS) Suite – MRO Software COTS Module
  • NFADS – Navy GOTS Real Property Management System
  • BOSC – Navy GOTS Contractor Work Management System
  • WIS – Navy GOTS Work Management System
  • FCAP – Navy COTS Facility Condition Assessment System
  • WINEST – WinEstimator, Inc. COTS Cost Estimating System
  • PC RECON – Navy GOTS Purchasing System
  • PRIME VEND – Navy GOTS Supply Chain Management System
  • Mainframe inbound and outbound to/from Purchase Requisitions
  • Mainframe inbound to Purchase Orders
  • WorkTech Time inbound to Work Order Labor and Tool costs
  • Mainframe Credit Card transactions inbound to Work order Material Costs
  • Mainframe employee information inbound to Labor and Craft
  • LDAP Synch inbound to Maximo users (No Single Sign-on)
  • Mainframe vendors inbound to Companies
  • Maximo Work Order outbound to Mainframe
  • Attached Document data loading from FileNet into various Maximo tables
  • Complex GLAccount transactions from Receipts, Returns and Issues outbound to Mainframe Financial System
  • Mainframe inbound to Inventory Usage transactions (we have two of these)
  • Mainframe inbound to glaccounts table
  • DataSplice for Work Orders and Inventory

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