Operationalizing Asset Management

asset mgt improvement

Scott Stukel, TRM’s Director of Utilities, Energy and RCM practice will discuss the vital components necessary for Asset Management Strategy & Asset Care and how to implement the processes and tools to enable people to execute those strategies through daily operations and use of Maximo. Details include how to practically go about defining a Strategic…Read More

MaxAssist 101: The Basics – a new How-To Webinar from TRM

MaxAssist Webinar

Need a training tutorial for casual users or want to get your users up-and-running in no time?  See how it’s done with MaxAssist     MaxAssist is a cool little training tool developed by TRM to help enable and automate Maximo training for new and casual Maximo users.  Sold on its own or as part…Read More

What Moving to IBM Maximo SaaS with TRM Means for You

IBM Maximo SaaS

  Don’t be fooled – all Maximo SaaS is not the same!  Did you know TRM delivers significant additional features and functions to the IBM Maximo SaaS platform, at no additional cost, making it more self-service easier to use and configure more open for integration Register today! Find out about our hands-on, dedicated on-boarding process, low/no-cost…Read More

Maximo Compatible Unit Estimating (CUE) Overview

Portrait Of Electrician Standing Next To Fuseboard

Compatible unit estimating (CUE) is a fundamental component in a utility transmission and distribution work management process.  CUEs can be used to calculate the cost of work, determine the labor hours and the bill of materials needed to perform a specific or a work package. Ryan will demonstrate how CUEs work within Maximo and give…Read More

Government Property Management with Maximo

  Managing Federal Property?  Don’t miss this webinar!   Check out this new enterprise solution seamlessly integrated with Maximo for the Accountability  and  Stewardship of the Government property items — finally providing a life-cycle approach within a single system for all stakeholders. Learn how we can reduce audit risk, help contract compliance and make contract administration and asset…Read More