Globally and locally, safe and efficient transportation of people and goods relies on superior asset management

From air to sea and from rail to road, leading transportation organizations look to IBM Maximo and TRM Maximo Consulting solutions for their enterprise asset management. This includes:

  • Ports
  • Rail
  • Airports
  • Highways

Maximo and IBM Maximo for Transportation incorporates additional capabilities such as:

  • Recall and upgrade campaigns, warranty cost recovery, industry or customer specific service codes, importing fuel and meter data, labor certification, maintenance alerts, meter history and depot fuel tank management.
  • Offers asset management solutions for fleet, facilities, production and IT assets on a single platform and database using a Maximo extension.
  • Supports compliance with government regulatory requirements and helps meet service level agreements.
  • Offers data analysis and reporting capabilities and rapidly delivers asset management information to technicians and other users.

TRM helps transportation organizations with diverse missions from managing the storm waters on tropical highways to the nation’s capital metro system, with Maximo hosting and consulting solutions.

Additionally, TRM RulesManager Studio has extended the capabilities of Maximo in leading Rail organizations like Long Island Railroad, WMATA, CSX and Tube Lines.

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