Technology has and will continue to transform the oil and gas industry

In the oil and gas industries, the responsibilities for maximizing the availability and performance of assets have never been more critical to the success of an organization.

From advanced safety (including asset integrity and process safety) to acquisitions and divestures, new regulations and compliance, plus technology progression, this industry is a constantly changing landscape.

Sophisticated asset management with IBM Maximo provides a competitive advantage, for managing all of the assets of an oil & gas organization, including:

  • exploration and drilling equipment
  • offshore platforms
  • onshore well production
  • crude and gas transmission pipelines and pumping stations
  • storage terminals
  • floating production and storage and offloading (FPSO) ships
  • refineries
  • distribution fleet tankers (rail and trucks)
  • product distribution pipelines
  • petrochemical facilities
  • chemical plants
  • research and development facilities
  • retail service stations
  • IT equipment such as servers, networks, desktops, laptops, software and telephony, while also managing service providers.

As a premier Maximo consulting organization, TRM partners with Oil & Gas companies to leverage not only their investment in IBM Maximo, but their mission-critical, revenue producing assets.

TRM has helped Oil & Gas customers like Kuwait Oil, Columbia Pipeline, Sempra Pipeline and many more large mid-stream and up-stream producers extend their Maximo system with top-of-the-line Maximo services and our award-winning RulesManager solution.

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