IBM® Maximo Integrators for TRIRIGA is a new offering that integrates Maximo®

Asset Management with IBM TRIRIGA® to improve efficiency and reduce the cost of facilities management. Maximo Integrators for TRIRIGA combines the enterprise asset management (EAM) capabilities of Maximo Asset Management with some of the integrated workplace management system (IWMS) capabilities of IBM TRIRIGA. This offering focuses on strategic facility planning, move-space management, and condition assessment and opportunities management.

You can plan and manage the movement of assets and people in your facilities in IBM TRIRIGA and use Maximo Asset Management to carry out the moves and gather the associated costs. You can arrange condition assessments of your facilities in IBM TRIRIGA and manage the repair work in Maximo Asset Management for the opportunities that are identified during the condition assessment.

The integration can reduce operational costs, support centralized control, enhance communication, and improve process efficiency.

To use Maximo Integrators for TRIRIGA, you must have the following products installed:

  • Maximo Asset Management version, English language only
  • IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform version 3.3.1

Version 10.03 of the following products:

  • IBM TRIRIGA Facilities Manager
  • IBM TRIRIGA Facility Assessment
  • IBM TRIRIGA Portfolio Data Manager
  • IBM TRIRIGA Connector for Business Applications

Download the Implementation Guide here