TRM is the leading partner selling and delivering IBM Maximo SaaS Solutions

Experience.  Expertise.  Innovation.

TRM is an IBM Maximo Gold and Premier partner and the only partner designated as an approved IBM SaaS Solution Provider for Maximo.  We look out for our client’s best interests and provide the support, flexibility and pricing to make customers look to us for their Maximo SaaS solutions.

TRM was the first business partner to deliver this solution to the market and has developed a kick-start program with limited, low price implementation and service pricing for small organizations wishing to use IBM Maximo SaaS.

For more complex organizations, TRM offers a full suite of implementation and services for IBM Maximo SaaS, including being the only Partner enabled with TRM RulesManager and IBM Maximo SaaS for full configuration capabilities.  Our clients have confidence in our ability to effectively plan, execute and support their SaaS deployments.


What makes TRM unique when it comes to IBM Maximo SaaS?

  • Dedicated staff for IBM SaaS management, set-up, migration and support
  • Tight partnership with IBM’s Cloud Delivery Service Team
  • IBM SaaS Support Mastery certified personnel
  • Truly effective L1 Support with an extensive knowledge base built from 20+ years of Maximo experience.
  • Integration platform that has been carefully engineered and integrated with IBM SaaS infrastructure allowing clients to integrate (inbound/outbound) other enterprise systems with Maximo quickly, reliably, securely
  • MTM (Multi-tenancy Maximo) – for smaller organizations, we can provide Maximo SaaS for as few as 5 Authorized users
  • A no-cost migration to SaaS (v7.5 and above)
  • Fast, reliable and secure LDAP and SSO (single sign on) with Maximo SaaS – we can set up site-to-site VPN, configure WAS, configure the sync process to integrate and sync Maximo’s directory service to client’s directory service.
  • Built-in unique tools from TRM:
  • Industry compliance:
    • For Federal Customer
      • Special arrangements for security and risk assessments (FedRAMP, NIST SP 800-53, etc.)
      • Support for government reports (CDRLs) and Gov Property Management requirements
    • Pharmaceutical and Food
      • Special arrangements for FDA 21 CFR Part 11


For current Maximo on-premise license holders, learn more about the Bridge to Cloud Program.